Delta Yuthika & Helder Fakeer

Delta Yuthika: From childhood the strongest characteristic of Delta Yuthika has related to the need to see beyond. She is an eternal seeker of herself, others and the world, with an enthusiasm for life and the mysteries of creation. She began her work life in education, but always with an attention on human development and a feeling that this was the focus that would fulfill her life purpose. After the inspiration of several Masters, after several experiences that made her see, feel, express, find, … be, she found personal growth and improvement in Art Therapy, Shamanism, Reiki, Yoga, Coaching in Lider Personal Development and Active Meditations, in Transpersonal Therapy and Sound Healing. Today she lives in full observation of you, works in connection with your heart, with your intuition and connection with the Whole. She lives in love of what she does and is dedicated to gathering knowledge and to help you live to inspire people through self-discovery processes and self-healing via: retreats, Art psychotherapy, Transpersonal groups and individual follow-up visits.Your life project is anchored in recognition of space for the other, in the certainty that through the activation of personal power we can all create the life we want and live in celebration.

Bachelor in Childhood Education. Specialized Studies Course in Pedagogical Director and School Administration. Graduate in Art Therapy (SPAT). Graduate in Lider Personal Development and Active Meditations (scuola ODHA – Italy). Shamanism (of Shamanic Studies Foundation). Coaching (We create). Reiki level 1, 2 and 3. Yoga 1 and 2 (Ananda Marga Yoga). Completion of Transpersonal Therapist Course often at the advanced level in the current school year. Tibetan Sound Healing Bowls and level 1 and 2 (Universe Gong).

Helder Fakeer: He began his path involved in, but not uniquely dedicated to, the mental area (Management and Accounting). Over time and through different experiences in the area of human development, he felt the urge to change his journey and dive into the world of feelings, expression, being. His way of the heart has improved in many ways and trainings: In the School of Biodanza Lisbon (titulated Facilitator), Reiki, Trance Dance, Personal Development Leader and Active Meditations (Scuola ODHA -Italy) and Certified Instructor of Extreme Firewalk and Spirituality. Today, Helder loves what he does. He tries to be in constant personal development, seeking renewal and nourishing spirits as self vehicles, and sharing with others. Hi is and these tools are all a motivator for change and integration. Helder offers experiences that transcend our usually limited senses and allow you to experience a greater and more meaningful reality.

Training in Management and Accounting. Biodanza course in the Biodanza School of Lisbon – titulated Facilitator. Reiki Level 1 and 2. Facilitator of Trance Dance. Postgraduate Certificate in Personal Development Manager and Active Meditations (Scuola ODHA -Italy). Certified Instructor Firewalk and Spirituality Extreme. Tibetan Sound Healing Bowls at level 1 and 2 (Universe Gong).

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